About Divine Vines and Decor

Welcome to Divine Vines and Decor!

We are a woman veteran-owned small business
located in the Old Cloverdale District of
Montgomery, AL.


1. We have PLANTS!!! Plants help to increase
one's energy and productivity, one's creativity,
alleviate stress and fatigue and other illnesses.
Plants also help to clean indoor air by absorbing
toxins, increasing humidity and by producing oxygen.
Wall paints, rubbers, vinyl, laminates and
plastics break down and release harmful
compounds into the air. We can improve our
indoor air quality with plants, as they absorb
harmful toxins and break them down into gentle by-products and store them in their soil to use later for food.

As we spend more time indoors, let us be
reminded how therapeutic it is to care for plants
and what their growth resonates with our personal

And let's not forget house aesthetically pleasing
plants are!  Plants are essential design elements
to any room. They provide the perfect architectural
element and anchor a space in an organic and
inviting way. 

2. We have vintage furniture, which means it is
secondhand, upcycled, and almost-new, allowing
us to be socially responsible to our environment
and community. We are doing our part by
reducing carbon footprints, ensuring fair labor policies and practices, participating in fair-trade, contribute to
the Old Cloverdale and surrounding communities
through charitable giving and by volunteering in
the local community.

Research shows that the new generation of
homemakers are doing their part to be green by
purchasing pre-owned objects and furniture. The
decision to buy antiques is motivated by the idea
of uniqueness as well as the renewable practice
of objects being reused over and over again. This
goes in hand with the vintage trend--it is becoming
cool to have unique vintage pieces rather than "Big
Box"store new ones.

3. We also offer modern style furnishings,
along with an assortment of home accessories.
Our offerings are simply amazing!  Along with
the vintage furniture, we have books, pillows,
textiles and more.

4. We offer vintage rentals! Email or call us today
and let’s talk about your vision; I love bringing
ideas to life!

We are in many ways a one-stop-shop for those
looking to create amazing, inspiring spaces and

Check us out https://www.instagram.com/divine_vines_decor/