About Me

 Hello there!

I am Aretha and I am on a mission to promote wellness and selfcare at home. I feel confident in saying that COVID has turned EVERYONE'S world a bit topsy-turvy. For me, COVID and isolation forced me to create unique spaces inside and outside of my home. Those unique indoor spaces turned into spaces for prayer, meditation, rest, mini offices and mini classrooms. My outdoor spaces turned into spaces to truly relax and to break away from the day to day uncertainty.
With the incorporation of plants, vintage and eclectic furnishings and accessories, vibrant colors and expanded gardening spaces, my home quickly turned into a place for creativity, family bonding, healing, growth and place to make everlasting memories.

As time passed, I was really amazed at the results of my newly curated home. As I took to social media to share my journey amidst COVID, I quickly realized that I was on to something; I was inspiring others and alleviating day to day stress for myself as well as for my family. The more I shared, the more questions I received about how to find time to maintain a professional, personal and family life. After 2 months of sheltering in place, I knew I had to do something BIGGER, something to help other families adjust to the new normal. From there, Divine Vines and Decor was born!